Time to laugh with Walk This Way

Time to laugh with Walk This Way
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The second collection of 2017 from Walk This Way is just around the corner. The VOD distribution programme, which brings films to platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, has prepared a new instalment of its comedy selection, Comedies à la Carte. This selection of some of the funniest mainstream films in recent times, which last year featured titles such as The Gilded Cage and Paris or Perish, will be perfectly suited to viewers who want to have a good time and forget all their worries as they start their summer holidays.

As always, French comedies will be an important part of this year’s selection.  News from Planet Mars tells the story of Philippe Mars, a reasonable man in an unreasonable world.  His son is turning into a hard-core vegan while his daughter becomes a pathological overachiever. Meanwhile, his sister is selling oversized paintings of their naked parents. With a cast of characters like these, you can imagine how ludicrous and hilarious this Dominik Moll film will be.  It will be available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Luxemburg, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

In 2014, German filmmaker Peter Thorwarth released Not My Day, a crime pastiche comedy that will make you laugh until you cry.  Till, a bank teller in his mid-30s, lives an average and boring life. Although he is happily married, he and his wife are in danger of falling into a rut after years of harmony. But when a bank robber storms his branch and takes him hostage, everything changes. Things get more complicated when the kidnaper takes off his mask and Till recognises him as Nappo, a conman who has escaped prison. You can’t miss this great film that will be available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Dyke Hard is a wild John Waters-inspired queer comedy directed by Swedish filmmaker Bitte Andersson. It screened at the Panorama section of the Berlin International Film Festival in 2015, and now you can enjoy it from home thanks to Walk This Way.  Dyke Hard is the name of a failed lesbian rock band travelling to a battle of the bands competition in the big city. The journey is filled with bizarre encounters with cyborgs, ghosts, ninjas, and so on.  If you are up for a hilarious adventure you can’t miss this film, which will be available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain.

The next film in the selection also comes from France. Directed by Anne Giafferi, Love at First Child tells the story of Gabrielle, a single mother of a seventeen-year-old daughter, Claire. When Claire gets pregnant by Simon, he decides to not become involved with the baby. Gabrielle decides to ask Simon’s father for help. The first encounter between the two of them is explosive, but Gabrielle will not stop until she reaches her mission.  This heart-warming comedy will be available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain.

Daniel Hoesl is the director behind WiNWiN, a comedy about the financial crisis, which focuses on a group of investors who work for an American hedge fund that buys Austrian companies. They travel around the world on private jets, meet with the most important politicians in each country, and have the power to decide the destinies of millions of people on the planet. Hoesl illustrates the influence of this group satirically, portraying them as demi gods of global capitalism who can solve everything with their smartphones and posh clothes. WiNWiN will be available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

Miss Sixty is the next film in the collection. This German comedy by Sigrid Hoerner focuses on Louise and Frans, a woman and a man in their 60s who confront a mid-life crisis and look for a new beginning. She decides to get pregnant and looks for a sperm donor, and he wants to re-start his career as a gallery-owner discovering the next rising star in the contemporary art scene. When Louise and Frans’ paths cross they both struggle to redefine themselves-and love is not part of the equation. But fighting love is never easy. Don’t miss this romantic comedy that became a box office hit in Germany. It will be available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

We go back to France to discover the last film in the collection.  Mohamed Hamidi’s One Man and his Cow tells the adventure of Algerian farmer Fatah and his beloved cow Jacqueline.  When he receives an invitation for the Agricultural Fair in Paris, he decides to leave the countryside for the first time and take a boat to Marseilles-with Jacqueline. Once in France, the strange couple cross the country by foot until they get to the fair. The bizarre surprises they encounter will move you and, of course, make you laugh. This original comedy will be available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.