The award winning Croatian film The High Sun to open a new season of Walk This Way

The award winning Croatian film  The High Sun  to open a new season of  Walk This Way
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The High Sun (Zvizdan), first screened in 2015 at the Cannes Film Festival where it won the Jury Prize, will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime and Microsoft platforms from 12 June.

Walk This Way – an EU MEDIA funded Project for straight-to-VoD European cinema - launches its third season in the UK with a Croatian story of universal appeal, The High Sun, which deals with burning issues of today: migration, borders, xenophobia.

The High Sun – directed by acclaimed Croatian director Dalibor Matanić- shines a light on three love stories, set in three consecutive decades, in two neighbouring Balkan villages with a long history of inter-ethnic hatred. It is a film about the fragility –and intensity – of forbidden love.

In the first story, set in 1991, a romantic attraction is forced underground when love becomes a forbidden luxury in the pre-war atmosphere of madness, confusion and fear.

In the second story, set in 2001, the war is over but the lovers find it impossible to turn their infatuation into an ongoing relationship: the scars of the war are still too fresh and cannot heal that easily.

The third story takes place in 2011, when love can finally take root, if the lovers manage to break free of the past. Evil and suspicion have not completely vanished from their lives and catharsis, though not easy, is again possible.

The film comes to the UK with a strong reputation, having won the Jury Prize at Cannes in 2015 and after being nominated to represent Croatia in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 88th Academy Awards, amongst other European and international awards.

This year Walk This Way will feature films for all tastes to be released in many European countries, Latin America, the United States and Japan. Over 30 high-quality titles will be offered in 5 collections: Unexpected Love Stories (The High Sun), This is War (Circles and In The Crosswind), Documentaries from Around the World (Ghostland: The View of the Ju’Hoansi, Falciani's Tax Bomb, Democracyand Future Baby), Comédies à la Carte (News From Planet Mars, Miss Sixty, Dyke Hard, A Man and His Cow, WinWinm, Ange and Gabrielle and Not My Day) and Award-Winning Dramas (All of a Sudden, Daguerrotype and Metalhead).