Discover the world with Walk this Way

Discover the world with Walk this Way
2017 Docs From Around the World News

Walk This Way – an EU MEDIA funded Project for straight-to-VoD European cinema – brings a new collection of films. Documentaries take the main stage, inviting us to travel around the world and to discover how complex and rich current societies are.

Climate change is the main theme on Melanie Laurent and Cyril Dion’s Tomorrow. But instead of showing the catastrophic consequences that human actions will have on the planet, the directors choose to focus on people fighting this dramatic situation, suggesting solutions and taking action.

On The Great Day, French filmmaker Pascal Plison takes us on four exciting journeys. Four children, all of them living under underprivileged conditions in different countries of the world, have to face crucial moments that could change their lives forever. To achieve their goals, they have to overcome serious obstacles, showing that their strength and passion is bigger than all the social and economical walls.

Reset is a unique opportunity to have a close look to the work of internationally acclaimed dancer Benjamin Millepied. Millepied became famous after his choreography for the film Black Swam, now he has to create his first ballet as Artistic Director of the Paris Opera Ballet.  Directors Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai give us the opportunity of seeing the love and beauty behind Millepied’s work.

Horacio Alcala explores the life and work of circus acrobats on the fascinating documentary Grazing the Sky. The director follows eight different acrobats to 11 different countries over the course of five years. The film is a portrait of eight artists who spend years studying and practising, traveling around the world and making people dream.

The world is changing fast, but for some people these changes are extremely dramatic. On Ghostland, we follow the Ju/Hoansi Bushmen tribe in Namibia, who are not longer allowed to hunt. For that reason they have to adapt to the modern world and leave behind thousand of years of old traditions. They travel from the Kalahari to the heart of Europe, experimenting western culture for the first time, and we learn how fascinating and strange our way of life can be for certain people.

Human reproduction has always been an interesting topic. On Future Baby, Austrian filmmaker Maria Arlamovsky explores this question focusing on how new scientific techniques have changed the rules. Following the stories of patients, researchers, egg donors or surrogate mothers; we get a clear idea of how scientific investigation can make possible extraordinary achievements.

In 2008 Franco-Italian systems engineer Hervé Falciani became internationally famous after leaking confidential information regarding over 300,000 bank accounts in Swish private banc HSBC. On Falciani’s Tax Bomb, filmmaker Ben Lewis examines the consequences of the historical leak in a critical but also balanced way.

On the Digital Age, the data protection legislation should be a big concern for everyone. Swiss filmmaker David Bernet offers in Democracy an insight into the world of political struggle to new data protection legislation in the European Union. This extremely revelatory piece of work could be considered a snapshot of Democracy today.