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Change your life with Walk this Way
2017 Award Winning Dramas News

The VOD distribution programme, which brings films to platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more, is releasing the collection Award Winning Dramas, a selection of the most prestigious European films that took part on the most famous film festivals, captivating audiences and critics all around the world.

You’re Ugly Too is a family drama, but it is also a dark comedy able to make fun of the most tragic situations. Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones) plays Will, a man released from prison to take care of her niece Stacey. The girl has recently lost her mother and the idea of leaving behind everything she knows to start a new life with his bizarre uncle doesn’t make her happy at all. Director Mark Noonan portrays this disastrous but tender relationship with simplicity and confidence, and the result is a very enjoyable film.

In Saint George, Portuguese filmmaker Marco Martins focuses on a particular story to tell the tale of a whole country damaged by the effects of a savage economical crisis. Jorge is an unemployed boxer on the verge of losing his son and his wife who accepts job with a debt-collection agency, which will drag him into a world of violence and crime.

Iceland is becoming little by little in a fundamental piece of the European cinematic panorama. In Metalhead, Ragnar Bragason focuses on a teenage girl struggling with the problems and anxieties of adolescence, who finds on Black Metal music the perfect refuge. This story about a young woman fighting to find herself in a complicated world stands out because of its honesty, charm and warmness.

Artists and ghosts meet on Kiyoshi Kurosawa’ Daguerreotype. The first European film of the Japanese filmmaker tells the story of Stephane, a former fashion photographer who lives obsessed by a 19th century photography technique, said to have given eternal after-life to the soul of the people whose image it captured. On this captivating film, reality and fantasy collide creating a world filled with romanticism and intrigue.

Turkish filmmaker Asli Ôzge directs All of a Sudden, a film that tells how the most insignificant action can change everything forever. Karsten is a young man that after a party in his apartment finds himself alone with a mysterious woman called Anna. The decisions made during this encounter, will provoke a series of catastrophic events that will find in a small provincial German town the perfect stage.