The Tuche family 3

Jeff Tuche is delighted that the high-speed train line is coming to his village. But unfortunately, the TGV is not going to stop in Bouzolles, but whizz straight past. In his disappointment, he tries to contact the French President to make sure his village is not cut off from the rest of the country. But with no answer from the Elysée, Jeff sees only one solution to have his voice heard: Run for president himself. Thanks to an unpredictable political climate, Jeff Tuche emerges as the surprise winner, so he and his family move into the Elysée Palace on a high-risk mission to govern France. Their motto: Liberty, Equality, Tuchity.

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The Tuche family 3
Original title Les Tuche 3
Country France
Year 2019
Genre Comedy
Duration 82 min