Lose your head

Like thousands of other young tourists, Luis from Madrid arrives in Berlin to spend a carefree summer weekend. After a break-up, Berlin's infamous club scene seems the ideal place to fuck the pain away, make new friends, and fall in love again. However, Luis' resemblance to Dimitri, a young Greek student who had gone missing a few weeks earlier, gets him involved in a series of mysterious events. He encounters Dimitri's sister Elena who is desperately searching for her brother. After a wild night he falls in love with Viktor, an illegal immigrant from Ukraine. When it turns out that Viktor is seemingly involved in Dimitri's disappearance, the pressure begins to build around Luis. As he becomes infatuated with Viktor, he makes more and more disturbing discoveries. What started as a reckless adventure turns into a desperate chase through the streets of the city as Luis gets more and more lost between dream and reality. Berlin's booming club scene with its spacious clubs, illegal raves and industrial ruins forms the background for an intense psycho-thriller.

Also available in: DK ES HU SK TR
Lose your head
Original title Lose your head
Year 2015
Genre Thriller