KATALIN’s (55) husband of thirty years, JÁNOS, leaves her for a new girlfriend, a 28 year old student of his. Her crisis is received with indifference by friends and family alike. Her 25 year old daughter, Zsofi, is completely preoccupied with her pregnancy, and her teenager son, Zoli, cares only about himself. Her environment considers her mentally ill, and she is taken to a hospital where she is sedated. Katalin runs away from the hospital and making a spur of the moment decision takes to the road, hitchhiking. Receiving news of her escape the family is anxious to get things under control. They take extreme measures, go to the police, and finally force the quite unwilling Zoli to go after his mother, who has been located in Istanbul, and bring her back home.

Also available in: DE DK ES FR HU IT NO PL SE SK UK
Original title Isztambul
Year 2015
Genre Drama, Romance