Ahora Si Llego!

Three months on an old Ural with a sidecar: Desiderio, an Italian surreal-pop artist, together with his friend, the cuban artist José Balboa, rides a motorbike – which is always on the verge of breaking down but actually never lets them down – through a quixotic pilgrimage on (three) wheels. Together they travel across the 15 lesser-known cuban provinces to explore the most remote artistic realities of the island: one-room museums, open air galleries shrouded by the jungle, creative labs held together by a few bricks and a couple of wooden boards, where they discuss the higher meaning of art in spite of the lack of resources, reminding us that, even now that Cuba seems destined to change forever, the best resource of the isla is its community’s strength, creativity and vitality.

Original title Ahora Si Llego!
Country Italy
Year 2019
Genre Documentary
Duration 96 min